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Total drug arrests are now more than.5 million reduction a harm year.
One of the broader lessons that they should have learned is williams this: prohibition laws harm should be judged according to their real-world effects, not their promised benefits.
Indeed, the only historical lesson that recent presidents and harm Congresses seem to have drawn from the period of alcohol prohibition is that government should not try to outlaw the sale of alcohol.Too many parents have been separated from their children because they were convicted of marijuana possession, small-scale harm sale of drugs, or some other non-violent offense.As for discouraging young people from using drugs, the massive federal effort has largely been a dud.Futile efforts to enforce prohibition have been pursued even more vigorously in the 1980s and 1990s than they were in the 1920s.In the February 11, 1997, Federal Register the Office of National Drug Control Policy announced that federal policy would be as follows: (1) physicians who recommend and prescribe reduction medicinal marijuana to patients in conformity with state law and patients who use such marijuana will.Prohibition has failed, again, and should be repealed, again.Second, drug prohibition creates high levels of crime.Police sources have estimated that as much as half the property crime in some major cities is committed by drug users.Clearly, this is a blatant effort by the federal government to impose a national policy on the people in the states in question, people who have already reduction elected a contrary policy.Marek Zygadlo, harm Monar Crakow, Poland;.The common law in England and America has always relied on judges and juries to decide cases and set punishments. Our capital city, Washington,.C., has become known as the murder capital even though reduction harm it is the most heavily policed city in the United States.
The War on Drugs has lasted longer than Prohibition, longer than the War in Vietnam.
Social order is turned upside down when the most successful people in a community are criminals.

Drug sales to children, like alcohol sales to children, should remain papers illegal.One of them is Brenda Pearson, a nose heroin addict who managed to maintain a job at a securities firm in New York.The Failures of Prohibition, congress should recognize the interflora failure of prohibition and end the reduction federal governments war on drugs.A particularly tragic consequence of the stepped-up war on drugs is the refusal to allow sick people to use marijuana as medicine.Federal officials do not agree with the policy the people have elected; they mean to override it, local rule notwithstanding - just as the Clinton administration has tried to do in other cases, such as the California initiatives dealing with racial preferences and state benefits.Addicts are forced to commit crimes to pay for a habit that would be reduction easily affordable if it were legal.The federal government has only the powers granted to it in the Constitution.Gunta Kirvelaite, State Agency for tubercolosis and lung diseases, Latvia;.Seventh, drug prohibition leads to civil liberties abuses.Driving under the influence of drugs should be illegal.However, she continued, there has been no direct effect on either the price or the availability of cocaine on our streets.A simple example will illustrate that phenomenon.And of course, while crime rates have fallen in the past few years, todays crime rates look good only by the standards of the recent past; they remain much higher than the levels of the 1950s.Will Foster reduction used reduction marijuana to control the pain internal and swelling associated with his crippling permanent rheumatoid gratuite arthritis. Congress and the administration should respect the decisions of the voters in Arizona and California; and in Alaska, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington, where voters passed medical marijuana initiatives in 1998; and in other states where such initiatives may be proposed, debated, and passed.
The federal government spent 16 billion on drug control programs in FY harm 1998 and has approved a budget.9 billion for FY 1999.
Those who believe that individuals should make their own decisions, not have their decisions made for them by Washington bureaucracies, would simply say that thats a decision for patients and their doctors to make.


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