Industrial noise reduction

Industrial Noise Reduction Systems, industrial silencers and noise mufflers are used to control and avoid the reduction unwanted negative noise effect caused by a wide range of industrial process.
Noise levels will spike with echoes that windows are not captured and converted out of your factory. .
A second opinion saves a million.These typically provide noise around 10dB of additional attenuation compared with conventional noise reduction packages and silencers and at a fraction of the cost.Inspection of, silencers and Weir Boxes.We devised modifications that produced a substantial improvement in the efficiency of the cooling towers that, coupled with measures to reduce the noise from falling water, cut the overall noise level from the units by 15dB(A) and reduced bike running costs.We internal used accurate and precise diagnosis reduction to isolate the key subjective whats sound features in addition to the broadband noise.We received the Rushlight Noise Abatement Award for applying our innovative fan noise reduction technology to a project at the Tata Scunthorpe steel-works.We diagnosed a system resonance which dutti we addressed at source, reducing the tones by 20dB and with no effect on fan efficiency. Stage 1 blue is to attempt avant to shut the noise down at the source. .Invcs modifications have brought about a huge reduction in fan noise, improving the environmental conditions across a wide area reduction around the Plant.The supplier and their consultants had tried conventional measures (additional silencing, reduced fan speed) over an extended period to no avail.Our solution (controlling the noise at source) was fitted in hours next morning, it was hard to tell that the fan was running.Ergil's brine flash tank silencers (dia 3800mm) and weir boxes (4230x1800x1229mm) are designed as per.Moreover, the acoustic barrier would have caused serious access problems. But please note, echo control yields smaller noise reduction values back. .

Unfortunately, the lean plant update to waste improve the efficiency of the exhaust fans in a large cement works manufacturing created a serious noise problem that generated complaints from miles around.Let the noise release, but reduction contain mindfulness it to a limited area. .Industrial Silencers, blow reduction Off Silencers (Vent Silencers industrial Mufflers.The results have been so impressive that Alan Fillingham, the Director, recommended our approach throughout the group.Cooling Tower Fan Noise Reduction improved efficiency Cooling tower fan strategy silencing by conventional means dies is often both very difficult and very costly as the problem is usually low frequency in nature. In this instance, the tonal noise from this quarry suction fan working under very dirty conditions was reduced by 23dB using our unique Quiet Fan technology a new record for the technique.

We have taken a similar approach to that of the reduction way that Formula 1 teams invest in the design of aerodynamic aids to control the airflow round their cars.
We have also developed innovative new techniques to control the noise from hvac and chiller / condenser systems without compromising efficiency.


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