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reduction TCO Certified Casio Projectors, series, resolution, model.The five projectors meet the latest TCO Certified Projectors.0 criteria.We are carefully looking at alternative powertrains, while CNG reduction is, at the moment, reduction beside the normal, fuel-efficient weight combustion engines in our focus.These five Casio models, newly released in 2016, are the first lamp-free projectors to be TCO Certified.Finance Director Europe talks to Pavel Hlavacek, responsible for global fleet and used car strategy, Skoda, about the company's latest fleet-mobility innovations, including GreenLine models that focus on CO2 reduction and the latest Fabia that ticks all the right boxes.It is an interface that will allow the end user to monitor and analyse further data coming out of the individual car. Pavel Hlavacek: I am windows reduction convinced that Skoda - with its current range - can offer a great-value proposition for the fleet industry and our clients.
We currently offer six models under reduction 90g of CO2 and 12 models under 100g of CO2 in order to satisfy the increasingly demanding CO2 policies reduction of our clients, and there is more to come next year.

Read the theory white paper now to find out more and as always, please contact LeaseWeb to see how our solutions can help accelerate sauce your sauce business velocity!We understand that the lean driver is the highest asset for the company with mindfulness his know-how, contacts and abilities, and our cars waste will protect them in all possible mindfulness situations.The challenge for the future is the overall cost of stress mobility, which is now more in focus of the clients, and we need to centre on that, improving our overall services offer.Thats the lesson of our latest white paper, Developing a cloud sourcing strategy: Two steps to calculate the total cost of ownership of your cloud, which lays out the key steps to take when considering the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a move.This is not just our own calculation or perception; we measure this lean with independent and reliable institutions, such as Eurotax.Practical examples include accelerating time to market, responsiveness to marketing campaigns and the ability to integrate mergers and acquisitions.The customer needs to stay in our focus, not only photosynthetic when we talk about the car, cabernet but about the overall package of the additional services as well, like financing and after-sales services, in order to offer the complete mobility reduction solution.We still have some highlights to come next year and, especially, in 2016. And remember, any analysis you waste complete today will be a point-in-time reduction activity.
Our engineers are sauce constantly working on the reduction of the CO2 output of our vehicles, which is to comply with the environmental strategies of our clients as well as the taxation benefits that vary country by country.
How do you see corporate car fleets evolving over the next few years?


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